Frequently Asked Questions at Tar Driveways Johannesburg

What is tar?

Tar also known as tarmac is a black bituminous material that needs to be laid on the surface while it is still hot liquid and it is safe to use and environmentally safe!

Will Tar Driveways save me money?

Yes, tarmac is known for its affordability and durability, it’s cheap and it will last you for a very long time when installed by professionals.

Is tar driveways easy to install?

Yes, we come with the tarmac already prepared and we lay it down within a few hours. There is nothing complicated about installing tarmac on any surface for our experts.

Why should I choose Tar Driveways Johannesburg?

Our company has been specializing in tar driveways for over 30 years and we manufacture, install and repair tar driveways for major businesses and households in and around Johannesburg at competitive prices.

What other types of Tar Driveways do you guys do?

Other tar driveway services include:

  • Industrial Driveways
  • Business Driveways
  • School Driveways
  • Custom Driveways

How long does it takes to install a Tar Driveways?

We usually install a new driveway within 4 hours in an average home. So if you want a more accurate estimation, please send us a picture of the area you want us to install your driveway and we will be happy to tell how long it might take us.